Single Colour • NP Series

Single Colour • NP SeriesTechnical Specification

Standard Features

Clamping Unit

  • Integrated Casted Vertical Five Point Double Toggle System
  • T-Slot - Drilling Taping for Mold Clamp
  • Three Stage Mould Open/Close Speed
  • Sensitive Low Pressure Mould Safety
  • Linear Scale for Position Based Functions
  • Motorized Mould Height Adjustment With Auto Tonnage Built up
  • Guard Safety
  • Hydraulic Ejector System (Linear Scale based - Multi Points - Multi Stroke)
  • Centralized Auto Lubrication System (Grease Based)
  • Air Ejector System (Both Halves)
  • Core Pulling (Single Cylinder)
  • Core Pulling Provision (For Second Cylinder)

Injection Unit

  • Twin Cylinder Balanced Injection Unit
  • Five Stage Reduced Injection Pressure System
  • Linear Scale for Position Based Functions
  • Five Stage Reduced Injection Speed System
  • Auto Reciprocating Injection Unit
  • Suck Back System
  • Heating Insulation Cover
  • Injection Hold on System
  • Radial Piston Hydro Motor
  • Back Pressure Control (Manual)


  • Touch Screen Color Monitor
  • Programmable Logical Controller
  • Audio Visual Alarm


  • Energy Saving Electro Proportional Hydraulic System

  • Optional FeaturesExpand Optional Features
    • Power Saver Servo Motor Control
    • Variable Displacement Pump
    • Mold Lifting Arrangement (50 Ton and Above)
    • Bi-Metal Screw Barrel
    • TiO2 Coating Screw
    • Dynamic Barrier Screw
    • Back Pressure Control (PLC Based)
    • Water Battery