Single Colour • LEO Series

Single Colour • LEO SeriesTechnical Specification

Scope of Supply


  • Robust Integrated Casted Five Point Twin Toggle Clamping System
  • T-Slot for Easy Mould Change-Over
  • Box Type Moving Platen (In Built Graphite Bushes)
  • Automatic Mold Height and Tonnage Built-Up System
  • Five Stage Closing / Four Stage Opening Speed Setting
  • Accurate and Sensitive Low Pressure Mold Safety
  • Linear Transducer for Accurate Clamp Position
  • Centralized Automatic Lubricating System (Grease Based)
  • Core Pulling System (Single Cylinder)
  • Core Pulling System (Provision For Second Cylinder)
  • Hydro Electrical Guard Safety
  • Product Drop Sensor (Single Cavity)


  • Multi Stage Variable Injection Pressure & Speed Profile
  • Two Stage Variable Pressure / Speed Hold On Position
  • Injection Profile for Monitoring Injection Function
  • Radial Piston Hydro Motor
  • Three Stage Variable Pressure / Speed for Refilling
  • Digital RPM Indicator System
  • Linear Scale for Accurate Injection Position Control
  • Suck Back (Before/After Refilling)
  • Semi-Auto Purging Program
  • Intrusion Molding Program / Flow Moulding
  • Sprue Break with Timer
  • Lubricating System for Injection (Grease Based - Manual)
  • Sealed Nozzle Tip Heater
  • Purging Cover Safety
  • Back Pressure Control (Manual)


  • Knock Out Bar
  • Multi-Point Programmable Hydraulic Ejector (Two Stage Position)
  • Pulse Setting Ejector Operation
  • Ejector Retract Position Sensing Safety
  • Air Ejector System For The Both Halves

Programmable Logic Controller

  • Color Monitor Display
  • PLC Program Ladder Basis
  • Dual High Speed 32 Bit CPU
  • Password With Multi Level Setting
  • All Functions Real Time Display
  • Unscrewing Program


  • Auto Tuning PID Temperature Control System
  • Temperature Monitor Graph Actual V/s Set Value
  • Weekly Program for Temperature Auto Power on
  • SSR Based Heating Control


  • Energy Efficient Variable Displacement Pump
  • Single Module Pump Motor Mounting Base for Easy Maintenance
  • Alarm for High Oil Temperature
  • Appropriate Placement / Indication for Hydraulic Valves - Easy Approach


  • Motor Running Hour Display
  • Total Production Count
  • Batch Count
  • Actual Process Monitoring Data Display For Last 100 Cycles
  • Alarm Display for Last 120 Events
  • Mold Memory Storage Up To 100 Nos.
  • Display for Process Data for Last 120 Changes
  • Flexibility Of Off Loading for Program through USB Port
  • Monthly Production Count / Chart Hourly Basis
  • Easy Diagnosis for Fault Finding Through In Put / Out Put Display
  • Push Button Selection For Semi-Cycle Operation
  • Electrical Socket In-Built (Single Phase / Three Phase)
  • Single Phase Preventer for PLC
  • Audio-Visual Alarm
  • Robot Interface Connectivity

Standard Tools

  • Tool Kit
  • Ring Plunger - One Set
  • Each Size Heater - One No.
  • Each Size Thermo-Couple - One No.
  • SSR - One No.
  • Leveling Pad - One Set
  • Mold Clamp - One Set
  • Lubrication Grease - Five Kg
  • Hopper Magnet - One No.

  • Optional FeaturesExpand Optional Features
    • High Speed Ethernet Communication between HMI and Remote I/O Module
    • Bi-Metalic Screw Barrel
    • Servo Motor, System
    • Water Battery with Temperature Indicator
    • TiO2 Coating Screw
    • Dynamic Barrier Screw
    • Mold Lifting Arrangement (Up To 180 Ton)
    • Back Pressure Control through PLC
    • Ejector on Fly
    • Energy Meter
    • Tonnage Indicator on PLC Screen
    • Insulation Plus Heater
    • Continuous Oil Filtration Unit
    • Feed Throat Temperature Indicator
    • PLC Screen -10" Colour Monitor