Injection Blow Moulding Machine

Injection Blow Moulding • IBM SeriesTechnical Specification

Salient Features

  • High pressure injection system for accuracy of Bottle mouth, neck and thread
  • Leak proof neck with smooth threads on bottle neck
  • Auto ejection with online counting device (Hygiene Molding)
  • Bottle quality with excellent mechanical strength, impact resistance and non cracking
  • High pressure clamping with accumulator for better holding with energy saving
  • Major key components of leading companies from the countries like Japan, Italy, France, Taiwan etc
  • Zero waste molding concept
  • Molding performance with high speed, high efficiency and high stabilized product
  • Compact and sturdy design for 3 stations ensures long last performance
  • User friendly controller
  • Versatile screw design suitable for major injection blow grade material
  • Less space requirement

Standard Accessories

  • Mould Temperature Controller
  • Chiller

IBM Advantages

  • Saves material cost, labour cost and time.
  • Better strength
  • 100% leak proof fitment with calibrated neck
  • Smooth surface finish
  • Pre set weighing product
  • Untouched product
  • Uniform thickness
  • Mass production
  • Best suitable for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Food and Pesticide industries bottles.