Extrusion Moulding Machine

Extrusion Blow Moulding • PBM SeriesTechnical Specification

Standard Features

  • Programmable Logical Controller
  • Energy Saving Electro Proportional Hydraulic System
  • Festo Pneumatics
  • A.c. Variable Frequency Drive
  • Three Phase Blowers
  • Linear Scale for Carriage Cylinder Movements
  • Audio Visual Alarm "heating Insulation Cover
  • Centralized Water Cooling Arrangement
  • Hook for Clamping Unit
  • Single Piece Casted Top Blowing Assembly
  • Super Finish Tie-bars For Smooth Movements
  • Arrow Cutting With Stroke Adjustment Facility
  • Pressure Switch for Accurate Clamping Tonnage
  • Hot Cutting Device (five Ltrs. and above) "helical Gear Box
  • Three Stage Parison Programmer (two Ltrs. And Above)
  • Stretching Unit With Blowing Attachment (five Ltrs. And Above)
  • Guard Safety (electrical)

  • Optional FeaturesExpand Optional Features
    • Auto Deflashing System (upto Two Ltrs.)
    • Hot Cutting Device (two Ltrs. And Below)
    • Three Stage Parison Programmer (one Ltrs. and below)
    • Multi Stage Parison Programmer With Separate Control Unit
    • Multi Head Upto Four Parision (upto Five Ltrs.)
    • P.V.C Attachment
    • High Pressure Blowing System
    • Parison Squeezing Facility
    • Bottom Blowing Attachment (two Ltrs. and below)
    • Angular Blowing Attachment
    • Linear Scale For Clamping Unit
    • Hydraulically Operated Blow Pin
    • Energy Meter
    • FIFO Based Accumulator (5 Ltrs. And Above)
    • Inbuilt C.V.T. For Main Controller
    • Variable Displacement Pump with Control Unit